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How we work

The services provided by the Fala Mulher Association are carried out through a Collaboration Agreement with the Municipal Secretariat for Social Assistance and Development of Sao Paulo (SMADS) and the Intermunicipal Consortium of the Metropolitan West Region of Sao Paulo (CIOESTE), according to Federal Law 13 019/2014.

Special Social Protection

Currently, the Fala Mulher Association manages seven services in the city of Sao Paulo in partnership with the government. They are part of the Special Social Protection Network.

Casa Abrigo sheltering service

Casa Abrigo is a temporary shelter that offers housing, food, transport, social assistance, psychological support, and socio-educational activities. These facilities are intended for women and their children whose lives are at risk due to domestic violence. Each shelter hosts 20 people. Women can remain in them for six months or until they can resume their regular lives, breaking the cycle of violence.

Casa Maria Rosa
Center for the Defense and Sociability of Women

The service is aimed at women who are facing situations of domestic violence. It offers support through social, psychological and legal assistance, providing detailed guidance and necessary referrals. Furthermore, the program encompasses socio-educational activities, promoting female entrepreneurship, financial autonomy and the well-being of participants.

Legal, Social, and Psychological Support Center

This service is connected to the Specialized Reference Center of Social Assistance (CREAS) to ensure a specialized service supporting, guiding, and monitoring families who have one or more of their members in situations of threat or violation of rights.

SOS Fala Mulher

The SOS Fala Mulher program offers specialized and personalized care for women experiencing domestic violence. This innovative and secure service channel allows private video, audio, and text conversations, ensuring total privacy.

Administrative Office

Administrative Office: Our headquarters is the heart of the Fala Mulher Association, fulfilling our goals and sustaining our principles. We seek transparent and effective management focused on the well-being of women, assisted families, and employees while fostering awareness of society on the topics we cover. We work in the following areas: Financial Management, Human Resources, and Personnel Departments work together to manage resources, take care of the team, and maintain internal excellence. Social Communication and Marketing areas are dedicated to sharing our message comprehensively and effectively. Through awareness campaigns and strategic partnerships, we expand our reach and mobilize support in the fight against domestic violence and the defense of human rights. SOS Fala Mulher is a vital extension of our work, providing immediate care and remote support for women in situations of violence. We seek to be a channel of active listening and guidance, strengthening the fight against domestic violence in all its forms, both in Brazil and abroad.

NOVA GERAÇAO Center for Children

The Nova Geração Center for Children (CCA - Nova Geração) provides enriching activities for children between 6 and 14 years and 11 months. Our goal is to give new meaning to experiences of isolation, encourage sociability, and prevent risky situations. In a safe and supportive environment, we seek to prepare them for a promising future, regardless of their surrounding circumstances. We invest in development and equality, focusing on building a social environment to fulfill their needs and strengths during school hours.

R. Professor João Leocádio, 86 - Jd. Limão/SP  Telephone: (11) 3955-1011


Volunteering is about putting into action your talents, skills, and knowledge and giving your creativity and time to causes of social interest. To establish a favorable partnership and stimulate social assistance actions in developing social impact projects, we built a Volunteer Playbook.


Now that you have read our playbook, you can submit your volunteer proposal.

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