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Who we are

We are a non-profit organization that seeks to fight domestic violence against women, build gender equity, promote female financial independence, and facilitate access to information about the Maria da Penha Law and women's rights. Furthermore, we work to defend and guarantee the human rights of people in situations of social vulnerability or rights violations.

We believe that all women can embrace who they truly are, define their own future, and change the world.


Canadian-born psychologist and theologian Suzanne Marie Mailloux arrived in Brazil in 1995 intending to develop social work in São Paulo. As the work unfolded, she became aware of the issue of domestic violence experienced by some children and women, which motivated her to delve deeper into the field of domestic and family relationships from a gender perspective. As a result, Suzanne and other women founded the Fala Mulher Association in 2004.


To act defending and ensuring human rights through social assistance actions.


To be a national reference in combating rights violations through the quality and excellence of the services we provide, giving individuals the opportunity to empower themselves.

reunião de negócios

Biennium 2022-2024

Edwiges Lúcia Horváth



Americo Simão

Vice president


Luciane Di Genova Petcov



Silvane Di Genova Petcov



Salvador Rodrigues Fiuza Neto

Fiscal Council


Cristiana Reis Cavallieri dos Santos

consulting board

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