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Por favor, leia atentamente a descrição da vaga antes de enviar seu currículo. Envie seu currículo no corpo do e-mail e indique o cargo ao qual está se candidatando no assunto.

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Open Vacancies

Socio-educational Advisor - 12 x 36 (daytime)
UNIT:  CIOESTE Shelter House

Socio-educational Advisor - 12 x 36 (daytime) - UNIT:  CIOESTE Shelter House


Carry out social and educational activities with users, in accordance with the established programming and technical guidance, through workshops, guidance, dialogues and promotion of actions that lead to the desire for personal and professional transformation of each individual served.

Ability to communicate with families and/individuals, developing socio-educational activities that encourage   rescue of family ties. Develop activities that stimulate the development of users' knowledge through skills and abilities, to ensure rights, (re)construction of autonomy; self-esteem, coexistence and social participation of users.



- Completed secondary education or/and higher education in the humanities field.

- Mastery and practices of computer and internet tools (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and database).

- Knowledge in the Third       Sector and reside in the western metropolitan region of São Paulo (Osasco, Carapicuíba, Barueri, Jandira, Santana de Parnaíba and/or Itapevi).


Course load: 12x36 (CLT) - Daytime

Salary: R$2,188.70 + health hazard

Transport voucher, on-site food and Agreement (OPTIONAL)


Submission of CVs by 11/20/2023

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